Junjou Decamelon

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Watch Junjou Decamelon free online hentai.
Info: Story 1: While gazing at the stars through a telescope in the park, the figure of a voluptuous woman, almost naked under her coat, suddenly appears before him. A few days after this encounter, Kaeko Momota transfers to Seiya Uno’s class. Kaeko tells him that she had trouble fitting in with her classmates as she grew up, and she had met him in the park while taking a naked walk to gather courage. Soon, their hearts connect, their lips meet, and Kaeko’s L-cup breasts tremble violently.

Story 2: Kaede and Seiya have their first date at a planetarium. Kaeko looks up and is impressed by the mystical spectacle but smiles wickedly in the darkness. In the theater, with few people around and the guide’s voice playing, she squats in front of Seiya and devours him. As the program nears its end, Kaeko is unable to climax without feeling the eyes of the people upon her.

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